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For the portrait and event photographer, sports shooter or landscape photographer, looking for a more balanced feel with vertical shooting capabilities, the MB-N12 Power Battery Pack is the ideal companion to the Z 8.
The MB-N12 extends shooting time 1.8x (CIPA standard) for the Z 8 vs the single battery in the camera alone, along with adding the convenience of a vertical shutter release button, main- and sub-command dials, multi selector, Fn button and AF-ON button. Added onto the Z 8, the MB-N12 lets you concentrate on capturing more moments without having to worry about battery life.
Thanks to its ergonomically designed grip, it provides firm and secure holding even when a long telephoto lens is attached. The MB-N12 also features hot swapping versatility of one battery and USB power charging and delivery.
The MB-N12 is powered by two EN-EL15 series batteries (EN-EL15c, EN-EL15b or EN-EL15a).

The MB-N12 Power Battery Pack is designed to extend the battery life of the Z 8 with its storage for two EN-EL15c/EN-EL15b/EN-EL15a rechargeable Li-ion batteries and has the dust- and drip-resistance performance equivalent to the Z 8.

You can even charge the two EN-EL15c batteries within the MB-N12 via USB power charging using the EH-7P Charging AC Adapter or EH-8P AC Adapter. (Using the EH-8P requires the use of the optional UC-E25 USB Cable.)

One of the two batteries in the MB-N12 are hot swappable, meaning you can remove one of the two batteries and the power pack will still provide power to the Z 8, with no interruption to shooting as long as the remaining battery still has power.

The MB-N12 is also compatible with EN-EL15b and EN-EL15a Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. Using the EH-7P, it will take five hours to fully charge the two batteries in the MB-N12.

138.5mm x 113.5mm x 76mm
5.5in x 4.5in x 3in
Weight 455g with two EN-EL15c batteries installed
295g without batteries
Operating temperature -10°C – 40°C (+14°F – 104°F)

Compatible With:
Z 8

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