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Z 9 Firmware 3.0 is here.


Unlock 20+ new Z 9 features
and enhancements.

The Z 9 is more than a camera. It’s a platform designed to evolve. To gain new features and functionality. To become more flexible and intelligent. All through major firmware updates. The latest step in that evolution? Firmware 3.0. Unlock more than 20 new features and enhancements for video, high-speed shooting, autofocus, operation and more.

Hi-Res Zoom for
4K video.

The Z 9’s 8.3K native resolution opens so many creative possibilities for 4K videos. Now the Z 9 can emulate an optical zoom sequence—in-camera and in real-time—by digitally zooming into that high-resolution 8.3K footage. Smoothly zoom up to 2X with any lens, including prime lenses, and zero lag.

(Available for YUV formats.)

Zoom it your way.




Fn ring or
control ring


Fn1 or Fn2 buttons

High-Speed Frame
Capture+ at 60 fps.

The Z 9 gives sports and wildlife photographers huge advantages for not missing decisive moments, like 120 fps capture, lightning-fast autofocus with subject detection and the Pre-Release Capture feature. Firmware 3.0 adds another big advantage: High-Speed Frame Capture+ C60. When 120 fps is too much and 30 fps is not enough, you can now shoot continuously at 60 fps with full AF and AE capabilities on every single frame.

(DX Image Area, JPEG NORMAL)

Even faster, smarter, more reliable autofocus.

The Z 9 has the fastest, most accurate and intelligent autofocus system in Nikon’s history. Firmware 3.0 adds even more speed and smarts, with enhanced tracking for erratically moving animals like birds, an even lower baseline for low-light and low-contrast focusing and greater intelligence across the board for everything from fine patterns to flicker suppression.


Smoother operation.

Firmware 3.0 makes it even easier to optimize your workflow. When you’re shooting vertically, the entire playback and “i” menus rotate to match your orientation. And now you can preview your exposure settings through the Real Live Viewfinder while using a flash.


Timecode syncing keeps everyone in time.

On video shoots, keeping multiple cameras and audio equipment on the same timecode is crucial. Now you can reset and synchronize the timecode on multiple Z 9 cameras using a remote control like the WR-R10. The Z 9 is now also compatible with Atomos UltraSync BLUE so you can synchronize it with other cameras and audio recording devices.

Z 9 Firmware 3.0

See even more new features and improvements on the firmware download page.

Also available through your
SnapBridge app. (October 27)

When paired, the app will notify you and send Firmware 3.0 directly to your camera’s memory card for a quick and easy, and totally wireless, install.


Learn more about the Z 9.

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