The camera of the year just got better.

Unlock revolutionary video and photography upgrades in the Z 9 with Firmware 2.0.

This is the new
Nikon flagship

Equipped with a Nikon-developed stacked CMOS sensor, get ready to unleash new levels of performance.

Discover the unstoppable power and precision of the Z 9.

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World’s best AF scene detection system1.

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Best-in-class 8K video resolution and internal recording.


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World’s first truly blackout free electronic viewfinder.

World’s first truly blackout free electronic viewfinder.



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World’s fastest still image frame rate of 120 fps.

World’s fastest scanning speed2.

Watch the video and see what makes the
Z 9 the most powerful Nikon ever.

Go From Zero to 120 fps in the Press of a Shutter.

To capture moments you may never have seen before, the Z 9 captures 45.7-megapixel stills at an action-freezing 30 fps1 and press-ready 11-megapixel stills at an insanely fast 120 fps* — all with full AF and AE performance and no blackout.


*At approx. 11MP image output with High-Speed Frame Capture+ (C120) mode.


See more, capture more with the reliable and world's2 brightest viewfinder. The Z 9 features a viewfinder that reveals every single moment — including those previously blocked by conventional EVF or DSLR systems.

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Black-out Free Real-Live Viewfinder.

Groundbreaking 8K Video.

With an innovative body design that efficiently dissipates heat, the Z 9 records lush 10-bit 8K UHD video at 24, 25 or 30 fps internally for over 2 hours straight* — with no risk of overheating. Need stills from your shoot? Save 33-megapixel frame grabs right from your footage.

*At a temperature of 23°C

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Capture Every Angle.

Achieve more with Nikon's first 4-axis vertical and horizontal 8cm touch-sensitive tilting monitor that provides a comfortable and easy shooting experience. Enjoy the ergonomic integrated vertical grip that facilitates easier and more comfortable handling when shooting in portrait or landscape.


An Electronic Shutter You Can Trust.

The electronic shutter in the Z 9 achieves minimal rolling-shutter distortion, eliminating the need for a mechanical shutter. Shoot at shutter speeds up to 1/32,000 second in complete silence, with no shutter vibration and no concerns about shutter wear.


Images captured on pre-production Nikon Z 9. 

Become Invisible.

When you need to be invisible, Silent Mode turns off menu sounds and VR Lock minimises lens drive noises. And since the Z 9 does not have a mechanical shutter, you can shoot without a shutter click — or plug in headphones so only you can hear the simulated shutter sound.*

*A simulated shutter sound and release timing indicator can be set as desired. 


Pro Build. 

Dual card slots.

High-speed CFexpress Type B for maximum capacity and write speed.


Kensington security slot.

Theft prevention when you need to leave your camera unattended. 


Extended battery life.

Works with EN-EL18 batteries and a new EN-EL18d battery that can handle up to 170 minutes of video recording.*


*Based on CIPA Standards. In "monitor only" mode.

Ready When You Are. 

When shooting in dark environments, quickly and easily locate essential buttons with illuminated icons. Capture as much and as fast as you can with dual card slots that are compatible with CFexpress Type B – which support the fastest writing speed available in memory cards preventing lag-time in critical moments, especially shooting 8K videos or 45MP stills.


Rugged Reliability.

For those seeking adventure, or for those who work in the field, the camera's highly robust body is more than capable to handle general wear and tear while withstanding extreme environment condition of up to -10°C. When the weather turns at a moment's notice, the effective exterior sealing prevents the elements from entering the camera with its dust and drip-resistant performance.

The Z 9 also comes equipped with a new sensor shield that further prevents dust or accidental fingerprints from getting onto the sensor when lenses are being changed.


Go with the Flow.


NX MobileAir


NX Tether

Be more connected than ever. NX MobileAir offers reliable image transmission from the Z 9 to a smartphone (Android/iOS*) via a USB cable. Send images at high speed via 5G smartphone using FTP communication.

*A dedicated cable is required to connect with an iOS smartphone. 

For studio and artistic shoots in a controlled setting, such as fashion or commercial photography, the NX Tether allows tethering direct from camera to a PC, so you can control, shoot and see your shots on a larger screen in all their glory.

With an innovative body design that efficiently dissipates heat, the Z 9 records lush 10-bit 8K UHD video at 24, 25 or 30 fps internally for over 2 hours straight* — with no risk of overheating. Need stills from your shoot? Save 33-megapixel frame grabs right from your footage.

*At a temperature of 23°C


This camera’s built-in Wi-Fi® capability can only be used with a compatible iPhone®, iPad®, and/or iPod touch® or smart devices running on the Android™ operating system. The Nikon SnapBridge application must be installed on the device before it can be used with this camera.

Using the SnapBridge App
System Requirements
Android 6.0, 6.0.1 or later, 7.0 or later, 8.0 or later, 9.0 or later, 10
iOS 11.4+
A device with Bluetooth 4.0 or later (i.e., a device that supports Bluetooth Smart Ready/Low Energy) is required.

Updating to Version 2.8
Images downloaded to the smart device with version 1.x will no longer be displayed in the Gallery after you upgrade to version 2, but can be viewed in the “Photos” app provided with the smart device.

Make sure your camera's firmware is updated to the current.
Compatible cameras:
D6, D500, D7500, D5600, D3500, D3400, D780, D850
Z 9, Z 7II, Z 6II, Z 5, Z fc, Z 50, Z 7, Z 6
COOLPIX W150, A1000, A900, A300, B700, B600, B500, P950, P1000, W100, W300
KeyMission 80

Compatible devices are those capable of acquiring location information and those that support BLE (iPhone® 5S and later, iPad® 5th Generation and later, iPhone X or later).
There is no guarantee this app will run on all devices.

For compatibility and to download the application, please visit:

apple store.webp
Google play.webp