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Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary and enhancing images to allow them to resonate with a viewer is Harry's passion. He likens this 'talent', some would say 'gift', as a way to bring out the stories inherent in each image. This skill continues to be the cornerstone for Harry's successful Photography and Graphic Design business as well as the inspiration for him to pass on these skills in tutorials that teach image enthusiasts how to take great photos and enhance them to an award-winning level using advanced software.

A survey of Harry's professional workspace reveals that other industry professionals have rewarded him well for his abilities. His striking images have been accredited with Gold, Silver and Bronze awards numerous times by the Epson/New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) Iris Awards; he has even been sought after as a Judge for this prestigious event, giving his time and expertise to the competition twice. Adding to his work accolades are plentiful endorsements for his services in logo/graphic design from companies who have enlisted his services to assist with their marketing campaigns including design for business cards, brochures, newsletters, books and everything in between.

Over the years, Harry's expertise in Photography and Design has expanded at an exponential pace as the technology has changed. "Dreams, thoughts, ideas and feelings... now all the tools I need to create the images to match my feelings, or the feeling a company wants to evoke, are available. When I combine technological advances with my imagination and ability to use these new tools, I feel like anything is possible.”

“When I work with an image, often I see the finished work as I shoot it. In post-production, I enhance and strengthen the look and feel of an image to illuminate the story behind it. Just as writers accentuate parts of their writing to communicate to readers what is important, I can change the colour, tone and textures for emphasis. I create drama that makes my viewers question what they are seeing and think about this for a while. The way I see it, what I do is make poetry with images. If I have done my job successfully, an image will speak to the viewer.”

“For me, this way of seeing, being able to capture the essence of a vision I or my client has, is something I just love to do.”

“I have spent over 37 years in my little photographic world and I love to share my knowledge and experience with people who are interested in my way of doing things. I want to teach people on a creative level about seeing and the whole process of creativity – not just pressing the buttons in Photoshop.”

Take a step into the Imaginescape of Photography and Design...come journey with me.



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Harry Janssen

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