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Simon Williams


Our kitchen

Inspired by Harry Janssens tutorial on focus stacking with the D850, I stepped away from the computer, collected up some sneakers and set to work. I've always struggled with keeping focus when doing product shots, often reverting to narrow apertures, which sort of work mostly, but not always that amazing controlled sharp focus you see in commercial photography. I chose to shoot at f/2.8, which might not have been the best choice for the end image, it did however allow me to really learn. To be able to see the floor 2mm in front and behind of the subject to be totally out of focus and the whole of the subject perfectly in focus, that blew my mind. The final image has flaws, it's an experiment. I now feel armed with tools I can take out into the field and also cement firmly into my studio work. Thank you Harry


Nikon D850


Nikon 70-200mm

Image Settings

1/500 f/2.8

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