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Samuel Bingham


Long Beach

Okay so picture this, its slightly cold, you can hear the faint sound of waves crashing on the beach, the sand is damp beneath your feet, visibility is at 90%, and all of a sudden you hear this MAaAaaasive behemoth of a roar beside you that just keeps starts off quiet and slowly gets louder. No joke I’ve never ran so hard and fast hahaha – there is a cave out at Long Beach that I have never been to so we made the trip out there, decided to explore a little too far in without a torch and almost locked horns with a sea lion! We high-tailed it so fast outta there that I think if he wanted to catch us he couldn’t. Swipe for the series.


Nikon Df


Nikon 50mm

Image Settings

f/4 - ISO 100 - s 1000

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