Matthew Musson



Currently staying at a near by lodge between Omaru and Palmerston with my dad to document the fur seals at Shag point for my independent wildlife project and we decided that we would take a drive down to Moeraki boulders since we had not been there in many years. I brought my tripod with me to keep the camera stable so i could use slower shutter-speed to get the milky effect of the waves as they move past the boulders. I got to the location around 8:15pm so I could have a look on where i should set up and amongst all the rocks. This single boulder was buy itself and I was drawn to it immediately, I set up my camera and tripod to start taking a few practice shots until sunset arrived. this image here you see to me was so beautiful as the waves wrapped around the boulder with the dominant blue skies and fragments of orange.


Nikon Nikon D850


Other Sigma 10-20mm

Image Settings

10mm ISO:64 F/18 1.6 sec