Nikon Ambassadors are some of the most versatile, ambitious and influential photographers today. They represent a vast array of backgrounds and shooting disciplines, but what binds them all is a commitment to move the imaging industry forward through knowledge sharing, guidance for the imaging community and a mastery of technology and trends.

Nikon is proud to call them partners.


Chris has worked on assignment in over 60 different countries around the globe for some of the biggest brands within the travel industry.


Esther’s imaginative work has radiated around New Zealand and beyond and is a Grand Master of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography.


Lola's unique style and passion for travel and environmental photography has seen her shoot projects for multinational brands all over the world.


Multi award winning photographer, Mike Hollman is a member of the Advertising and Illustrative Photographers Association

Nikon Ambassadors help professional photographers thrive in their business while inspiring all others to step up and challenge their creativity. Mentor. Motivate. Inspire.

The Nikon Ambassadors are authorised by Nikon to demonstrate to the public and professional image makers the capabilities and use of Nikon imaging products, but the expressive content of their work is solely their own. Nikon Ambassadors are independent contractors and visual artists and are not employees of Nikon. Nikon Ambassadors are responsible for the content of their photographs, websites, exhibitions, and visual images and the manner in which such content and images are obtained. Any messages, beliefs, or viewpoints expressed in the Ambassador’s photographs, websites, exhibitions, or visual images do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs or viewpoints of Nikon or any Nikon employee.